Are these real records?


Can you still play them?


Where do you get all your records from?

We constantly buy collections of records from East Coast area dealers, collectors, and used record stores.

How long have you been making things from recycled records?

About 10 years.

How many records have you recycled?

Over a million!

Do you buy records from people who are looking to sell their own collection?

We do occasionally purchase records from individuals, but only if they are “top-shelf” rock titles, and there are several hundred of them. We do not buy records sight-unseen, sorry. Donations are always welcome.

Do you sell directly to customers?

Yes, we can make bowls, coasters, and mirrors from your personal records.
Please contact us with questions.

Don’t you feel bad about ruining all of those records?

No, because once you start looking for lots and lots of records, you quickly find that there are lots and lots and lots and lots of records out there. Billions. And because we purchase our vinyl from dealers and collectors, most of the “good stuff” (i.e. valuable) has been picked out already. Most of the records we get are scratched, warped, or otherwise played-out.

Do you ever get valuable records in the collections you buy?

Yes, they are sold on eBay and end up in loving ears.

What happens to all of the vinyl left that’s left over from making the coasters?

Our vinyl scrap is actually turned back into brand new vinyl records! Scrap album covers are collected by industrial paper recyclers.

How do you make the bowls?